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Outdoor Advertising

Capture the attention of walkers and drivers alike with these affordable outdoor advertising options. Call an AdMax sales rep for rates and availability.


Canal Park Kiosks

Help tourists, travelers and shoppers find your business. Three kiosk locations in Canal Park ensure that your ad is seen by tens of thousands of shoppers. Listings on the directory panels can be purchased as well as 7 inch by 7 inch full-color ads and large side panel ads. Each ad is purchased for the tourist season (May through October) and are then maintained and displayed year-round.

Bus Benches

AdMax owns 30 bus benches – which are maintained regularly and kept clear of snow – right along the most traveled streets in Duluth. With durable panels that are over five feet wide and nearly two feet high, these benches are a cost-effective way to reinforce your business’s name and message.